Pupils from Uganga visited the National Heroes Mausoleum

On this Friday, a delegation of 37 pupils and 4 teachers from Kabale Universal Primary School in their travel to Rwanda, visited the National Heroes Mausoleum situated in Gasabo District, Remera Sector.

KISHEMA Drake, the Director of the school said that Rwanda has a rich history to share to the world and them as neighbors would not be the last to learn from how Rwanda rose from ashes to shine in the region and worldwide; and this was the motive of their visit.

listening to Rwandan heroism history

Rwaka Nicolas, the Director of research in the Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honour, in his welcoming remarks, explained that countries have different ways of celebrating their National Heroes and Rwanda considers Heroes as any person who pursues objectives he/she undertakes in order to obtain a special achievement for public interest and with high proven integrity, sacrifice and courage, and who avoids being a coward in his/her actions in considerable situations.

He also said that that, thought the country is known for the Genocide against Tutsi, but all along this era in its history some people have proven their courage to support positive actions, to point out negative ones and dare to fight them with full knowledge of its likely risks and some went far to sacrifice their lives;


Byishimo Patrick, the Heroes Mausoleums Officer guiding their tour, tackled to each national hero’s history form Imanzi category to Imena and Ingenzi; 

Director of the school signing in visitor's book

Group Photo

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